How does 'Scheduled Replies' work?

13 November 20192 min read

TL;DR - We schedule your replies on Twitter to help you reach out to more users in a shorter span without looking like a spammer.

Twitter is an online microblogging and social networking tool on which people post and interact with messages in the form of tweets. Twitter expects you to have genuine conversations with the other users. It continually monitors the tweets to ensure that no one is spamming their platform.

There are several ways in which Twitter identifies you as a spammer. For example, if you are tweeting an exact version of a tweet a lot, Twitter considers you as a bot and temporarily bans your account (Shadowban). Our team did a little investigation on Shadowban and found that it can happen due to several reasons. One of them being multiple tweets sent one after the other within a short interval of time. So, we at Armada came up with a plan wherein we save your time as well as make sure that your Twitter account does not get shadowbanned.

We have implemented the scheduled replies option wherein you can reply to Twitter conversations instantly on Armada; however, we will schedule the replies to be posted on the Twitter platform in intervals (3 to 6 minutes of difference between each reply). This way, you can engage in more Twitter conversations in a shorter span without getting shadowbanned. We schedule a reply only when your last reply from Armada is before 3 minutes or less.

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