Mastering the Art of Personal Branding: 2 Cutting-Edge Strategies for Getting Your Name Out There

22 November 20194 min read

Being a recognized industry leader is almost a guarantee that you'll be able to land a new job or find new clients at the snap of a finger. But even if you don't aim for the stars, a certain degree of personal branding is paramount to your professional success due to the reasons stated in the introduction of this article.

Personal branding is your passport to professional independence

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a client. Would you not be more comfortable working with someone who has already proven their worth through the quality of their work? Moreover, being recognized in your industry tends to be synonymous with unlocking other opportunities that could potentially skyrocket your recognition in the professional circles even more. Being invited to speak at a conference is only one of the examples – admiration and respect are more than likely to follow as a result!

Now that you're familiar with the reasons why personal branding is not to be overlooked, the following question presents itself... what are 2 of the best ways to go about it?

1. Publish blogs

Do you already have a blog where you pen your ideas around best practices, industry events, and other relevant topics? If not, you're losing out on a golden opportunity to brand yourself as the go-to expert whose opinion others seek out.

While you're at it, every single time you publish a new article, don't forget to let others know through your social media channels. That way, not only will they be able to discover you through the organic search engine results, but social media as well.

2. Engage in conversations

Speaking of social media, there is another proven strategy on how to get yourself noticed – chiming in the conversations people are having around the topics of your expertise! If your replies are relevant to the discussion and add real value to it, others will be more inclined to see you as an authority in the field. In other words, they are likely to check out your website or social media page without you needing to ask. That way, you'll effectively be building a base of loyal fans, some of which are likely to be doing business with you somewhere down the line as time goes on.

There's just one problem: with the relevant conversations being so fragmented and scattered around various social media platforms, how will you find the right opportunities to chime in?

Option 1 -Waste countless hours browsing through them manually only to find out that the vast majority of conversations are either hard to enter or more than a week old and thus already out-of-date.

Option 2 - Use modern AI-powered tools like Armada. It helps you in building feeds of actionable conversations from the deepest pockets of the web where you can participate and grow your fanbase. Armada will do all the heavy-lifting of research for you.

For example, a successful travel blogger can share his expertise in hiking and skiing by using Armada - by engaging in conversations where people are looking for hiking places & tips in Europe and USA.

In addition, every major social media platform is covered.

Twitter? Check.
Reddit? You got it.
Quora? Absolutely.

And the best part? Since it runs in your browser, you won't have to install a thing. Talk about convenience!


Getting your name out there is paramount to your professional success, but it doesn't come easy. With all the powerful tools the modern age has brought to life, what's holding you back from leaving a unique footprint in your chosen profession?

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