Why 'Login with Twitter'?

31 October 20193 min read

TL;DR - Login with Twitter helps us set up your account on Armada, fetch more conversations for you, every 15 minutes to be specific.

To create an account on Armada, we require you to login with Twitter. This helps us fetch more conversations for you every day and provide you with more opportunities.

Permissions and examples of how we may use them:

1. Read permission.

Armada filters a plethora of conversations from Twitter using read permission and provides you with the relevant conversations in your SmartFeed.

2. Post tweets for you.

One of our features provides you with an option to reply to relevant tweets from the Armada platform itself. In order to achieve that, the platform requires permission to post tweets for you. Don't worry. We never post on behalf of you unless you click on the 'Reply' button from Armada.

3. See your email address.

We use this email address to communicate with when and if required. For example, you would receive daily highlights of your SmartFeeds on your email.

Apart from these, Twitter provides following permissions by default, which we never use:

• Read Tweets from your timeline.
• See who you follow, and follow new people.
• Update your profile.

Do I need to log in with Quora and Reddit as well to get conversations?

No. For Quora and Reddit conversations, we have a partnership in place, which allows us to fetch conversations from Quora and Reddit every day without your login.

What Twitter account should I login with? Personal or brand?

We would recommend logging in with your brand/product account if available. This would help when you might want to engage in Twitter conversations from Armada.

Currently, Armada does not have a feature of adding a team member to the account. But you can use the following features to make it work for you:

1. Reply Accounts

You can add any number of reply accounts on Armada to engage in Twitter conversations. For example, if you created your account with personal Twitter login, but you want to reply from your brand account, it is possible by adding your brand account as a reply account on Armada. It is like 'Send as' feature available in all the email clients.

2. Slack Integration

Using Slack integration, you can broadcast conversations from your different SmartFeeds to different Slack channels. For example, conversations from SmartFeed where you track conversations about your brand could be broadcast to #customer-support channel on Slack.

If you still have any questions, reach out to us at hi@getarmada.app.

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